Complete end-to-end social distancing and contact tracing

Affordable, easy-to-deploy wearable technology that helps to keep workers safe by enforcing social distancing with contact tracing capabilities.

Contract tracing

Protect your teams with contact tracing capabilities allowing them to go about their day knowing they are safe.

Accurate distance measuring

Using advanced ultra-wideband and Bluetooth technology, the eqWave gives 360-degree, centimetre-precise measurements between workers, even when they are not in the line of sight.

Easy to wear

Our social distancing device has a long battery life of 25 hours in active use and up to 10 days in standby. It is comfortable and discreet to wear, even under PPE.

User alerts

Haptic and visual alerts inform users when they infringe on the required distance. Alerts can be configured to the latest government guidelines.

Fully scalable

User-friendly and quick to set up and scale with no infrastructure requirements, it’s as easy as giving each member a device so they can operate safely at work.

Data security

Secure and GDPR compliant, the eqWave web service platform offers ready-made contact tracing reports or the option to download the raw data for analysis in the event a worker starts to show COVID-19 symptoms.

Unlock the power of your eqWave

  • Real-time haptic and visual alerts
  • Devices are motion-activated
  • Long battery life – 25 hours
  • Standby battery life – up to 10 days
  • Compact and easy to wear (even with PPE)
  • Weatherproof (IP67 rated)
  • Track and trace capabilities
  • Management reports for greater operational insights
  • Over the Air (OTA) firmware upgrades
  • Access to data stored on the device
  • Secure and GDPR compliant
  • APIs available for integration into 3rd party systems

The average lead time is 4 weeks. We have global distribution partners and are also able to ship directly from head office.

Find out how the eqWave has made a difference to customers

Choose the right eqWave web service for your needs


Export your track and trace data

The eqWave web service application is included with all eqWave devices as a 12-month subscription. The eqWave web service is perfect for accessing the raw log data that you can download for your own analysis.

Customers can upgrade their subscription to the eqWave+ on a monthly basis.


View ready-made track and tracing reports

eqWave+ is a premium service that offers intuitive reports.

Contact tracing reports can be filtered by duration of contact as well as time and date to allow for meaningful data evaluation.

Management reports give a bird’s eye view to review compliance guidelines and offer actionable data on how specific targeted actions can have significant impact in reducing risks and improving compliance.

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