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Delivering pioneering biometric insights that progress the understanding of the human body, help to keep people safe and make a difference to humanity.

Professional wearable technology that provides unparalleled physiological data insights

Every day, in some of the most extreme conditions, we help people push the boundaries of human understanding. From the edge of space to the heart of a warzone, our clinical-grade wearable technology and solutions can capture, manage and analyse real-time mobile human data. We help you to understand the body’s behaviour, make smarter decisions and keep people safe.

Trusted by thousands of organisations across the globe, we are the leading supplier of cutting edge mobile human data capture solutions.

From the outset, Equivital have been pioneers in the field, identifying the gap between technology and health. Headquartered in Cambridge we are at the heart of the UK’s technological hub which attracts like-minded teams for collaboration.

Over the last 10 years we have worked with customers across the globe to refine and enhance our products. We continuously innovate to create new solutions based on the needs of the market, allowing users more opportunity to make a difference.

Our innovation breeds innovation in others.

Social responsibility

We don’t just make a difference to our customers’ lives – we make a difference to the world. Social responsibility is integral to the way Equivital operates and it’s about making better choices.

We aim to

Create local partnerships

Work with local production partners, where possible, to ensure we cut down product air miles.

Offer durable products

Produce long-life products that can be reused time and time again. We’ve designed durable products built to withstand regular wear.

Use sustainable packaging

Use recycled and minimal packaging for all our products to reduce environmental impacts across our value chain.

Why people choose Equivital

Trusted by thousands of organisations around the globe

We are the leading supplier of cutting-edge mobile human data capture solutions.

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