The ultimate heat injury protection armband

Coming soon…the latest heat illness prevention wearable from Equivital. Provide local alerts for your teams with the with the eq LifeBand from Equivital. Register your interest today.

Real time heat monitoring

Constantly track the wearer’s core body temperature and provide real-time alerts and notifications when heat stress and exertion thresholds are approached or exceeded, allowing for timely intervention

Hydration prompts

Hydration is crucial in heat-stressed environments. eq LifeBand can be configured with automatic reminders for workers to maintain optimal fluid intake.

Work Rest Cycles

With integrated WBGT monitoring, Record individual location WBGT status and see automated tailored work rest plans for each of your teams, helping to ensure high risks areas are protected. .

Seamless Data Integration

eq LifeBand seamlessly integrates with Equivital’s Black Ghost V2, enabling easy data collection, analysis, and reporting. It provides alerts in real-time or after-the-fact, empowering workers and teams to make informed decisions and take proactive measures.

Customizable Alerts and Thresholds

Workers can have personalized heat stress thresholds set on the armband, aligning with their individual tolerance levels and job requirements. These can also be tailored to the ambient temperature, heat index and humidity.

ACGIH Compliance

eq LifeBand is developed in accordance with ACGIH heat stress guidelines, providing a reliable and trusted solution for the industrial marketplace.

Black Ghost Software

Monitor your team, protect lives

Simultaneously protect and optimise your team wherever they are with our real-time vital sign monitoring system. Base your decisions on science and objective data.

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