Core Temperature Monitoring

Capture and analyse core body temperature for your research

Combine core body temperature and mobile monitoring data to enhance your research with a wider range of physiological data.

Key advantages of Equivital core temperature monitoring

Seamless integration

We have partnerships with industry-leading core temperature sensor provider BodyCAP. Data is seamlessly combined as part of a comprehensive mobile monitoring solution.

Global reach

We can ensure a continuous supply of sensors no matter where your study is based.

Real time and retrospective 

Our solutions provide both real time and retrospective access to physiological data enabling flexible study design.

Multiparameter data

By providing data from core body temperature sensors alongside Equivital’s eq02+ LifeMonitor and other sensors, we enable easier and more flexible data collection for our valued researchers.

Easy-to-format data

Transform high resolution physiological data into a format that is suitable for your data analysis.


Our solutions are FDA cleared and CE approved medical devices providing you with data that you can trust.

Find out more about how BodyCAP and Equivital work together:

Capture core body temperature and mobile monitoring data for your research with BodyCAP core capsules and Equivital sensors.

Analyse your data with Equivital’s eqManager software solution, no matter where you are in the world.

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