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eq Galvanic skin response sensor

Wrist mounted sensor for measurement of galvanic skin response.

Compatible with:

Nonin Xpod

The Nonin Xpod is a highly accurate, low power, easy-to-integrate external pulse oximetry solution that connects to the Equivital LifeMonitor. In addition to Oxygen Saturation information it can also provide photoplethysmography (PPG) waveforms.

Compatible with:

eq02 MDock

Enables simultaneous charging and two way data transfer with up to six eq02+ LifeMonitor SEM’s at one time.

Five MDocks can be daisy chained to support 30 concurrent connections via USB.

Compatible with:

eq02 SEM lead

Enables simultaneous charging and two way data transfer with a single eq02+ LifeMonitor SEM.

Compatible with:

Equivital Bluetooth dongle

Enabling fast communication of two eq02+ LifeMonitor SEMs in full disclosure directly to a PC. Up to a 100m range.

Compatible with:

Equivital external battery pack

Provides up to 3 times the operational life of the eq02+ LifeMonitor SEM and takes two AAA batteries.

Compatible with:

eqWave M-charge

Charge up to 48 eqWave devices at once with the M-charge charger.

Compatible with:

BodyCAP core temperature capsules

The ingestible BodyCAP core temperature pill measures core body temperature and data is buffered when the Equivital eViewer Performance monitor is in close proximity.

Compatible with:

BodyCAP core capsule activator

Activate your BodyCAP core capsules with the activator when you are ready to collect data from your subjects.

Compatible with:

Equivital eViewer performance monitor

Data from the BodyCAP core temperature capsules automatically downloads to the eViewer performance monitor when they are in close proximity.

Compatible with:

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