Accurate vital signs monitoring for extreme environments

Protect and optimise your team with the EX eq02+ LifeMonitor even in hazardous environments with our intrinsically safe vital signs monitoring sensor.

Multiparameter data

Monitoring of heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature and position and motion with a combined clinical grade wearable ECG and respiratory monitor, inbuilt medical-grade thermometer and tri-axis accelerometer.

Robust and water-resistant

Designed to be robust and reliable, our ATEX-cleared monitor is worn securely against the chest allowing freedom of movement, and can stand up to the most challenging environments.

Anytime, anywhere

Monitor teams in the field and keep them safe. Ideal for military training and deployment, hazardous area industrial and oil and gas, first response and CBRNe.

Unlock the power of your intrinsically safe LifeMonitor

  • Multi-Parameter monitoring including ECG, respiration, tri axis accelerometer and temperature
  • A wide selection of wired or wireless sensors integrate with the EX eq02+ LifeMonitor
  • Very high data quality with very low data loss rates
  • Easily configured
  • Simple to use, log, transmit and export data
  • Light weight and optimised for long wear comfort
  • Up to 48hrs battery life from integral power supply, with hot swap ancillary power packs for extended monitoring
  • 8GB memory for up to 50 days of continuous data logging
  • Flexible software platforms with development modules available for 3rd party application developers
  • Multiple belt sizes to cater for different body types
  • ECG, HR, R-R interval
  • Respiratory rate
  • Skin temperature
  • Estimated core temperature
  • Core temperature capsule/Dermal patch*
  • Accelerometer, X,Y,Z, Activity
  • Body position/Movement
  • HSI indicators

* Measured using a compatible ancillary sensor

What is the intrinsic safety classification? 

Sometimes referred to as the IS or EX version. The intrinsically save version of the product conforms to UL Standard 913, Certified to CSA Std C22.2 No. 157, Class 1 div 1, Group C & D, T4 Exia, -20°C, = ta = + 50°C. The intrinsically safe SEM is yellow in colour and the intrinsically safe belt is appropriately marked. You must use both intrinsically safe devices to conform to the standard.

What are the environmental tolerances of the system?

The Equivital EX eq02+ LifeMonitor and belt can withstand a wide fluctuation of temperatures and other environmental variations. It can work between -4 to 130 degrees F, is waterproof with an IP67 rating, can withstand altitudes between -300ft to 20,000ft and humidity levels between 0 – 95%.

What is the specification of the ECG that the system records?

The system records two leads of ECG. Those are lead 1 and lead 2. They are recorded at 256 Hz and they are clinical grade, tested to EC13 standards. The SEM records either clinical or ambulatory ECG.

What software do I need to use for the EX eq02+ LifeMonitor?

The EX eq02+ LifeMonitor users predominantly use Equivital’s Black Ghost software solution. Black Ghost is designed for military, first response and industrial health and safety applications where an ATEX solution is needed. There is also the ability to incorporate the products into your own software using Equivital’s SDK’s.

The average lead time is 4 weeks. We have global distribution partners and are also able to ship directly from head office.

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Unlimited subjects and locations

Conduct clinical trials outside the lab in real-world conditions with our remote patient-monitoring solution with FDA approval and CE clearance .

Monitor your team, protect lives

Simultaneously protect and optimise your team wherever they are with our real-time vital sign monitoring system. Base your decisions on science and objective data.

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