Real time health, safety and performance monitoring of your teams

Black Ghost enables real-time health and safety monitoring of your team in the most challenging and hazardous environments. It protects those who protect us.

How will Black Ghost work for me and my team?

Protect your team

When your team is deployed Black Ghost enables real-time location tracking and the remote triage of all your team members, especially protecting those at high risk – wherever they are.

Improve safety

Real-time, retrospective and predictive digital data analysis allows you to enhance SOPs and tailor training to the individual.

Optimise training

Use trusted, accurate data to assess a variety of parameters and possibilities in industrial, military, CBRNe and research environments.

Objective decision making

Uphold the importance of safety and show duty of care in challenging environments and environmental conditions using reliable, high-quality human data to justify your decisions.

Maximise effectiveness

Maximise productivity, efficiency and mission success with actionable insights that define optimum work and rest cycles for each individual member.


Adaptable for use in a variety of military, first response, CBRNe and research environments, Black Ghost can be tailored to your exact needs.

Real time monitoring or retrospective data analysis

With two options available, you can access data in real-time with Black Ghost Live or retrospectively using Black Ghost Track.

Perfect for analysing retrospective physiological data, Black Ghost Track enables you to start using Black Ghost without any real time infrastructure requirements. Collect data during your team training, download it to the Black Ghost software and analyse it back at base.

  • Offline LifeMonitor data

    Issue LifeMonitors to all your teams members during training and review the impact of training regimes on their physiological data helping you to tailor specifically to the individual.

  • Set up and go

    Quick to install with minimal need for infrastructure requirements, you can just plug in and get going.

  • On premise or cloud hosted

    With options to use our secure cloud hosted server or to deploy locally on premise, data is stored and supports GDPR and HIPAA-compliant parameters.

  • Prioritise health and safety

    Analyse data to help review SOPs, showing duty of care to your team.

Ideal for training missions and live deployments, Black Ghost Live brings real-time data from all your team members together in one easily accessible place.

  • Remote and real-time

    Oversee the wellbeing and safety of each individual remotely when they are out in the field.

  • Heat stress monitoring

    Black Ghost enables real-time and predictive heat stress monitoring of the individual and your team with ACGIH core temperature and sustained heart rate alerts via eqView mobile application.

  • Environmental data

    Add WBGT measurements, clothing, job type, location and environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, Heat Index, wind speed) directly into Black Ghost making individual data even more powerful and decision making even more effective.

  • Improved CTE calculation and visibility

    Medics can enter externally measured core temperature at the beginning of an exercise, which is stored and used as input to the core temperature estimate algorithm (CTE)

  • Geolocation and geofences

    Black Ghost Live provides real-time GPS data for each individual, no matter how many team members you have. Create geofences and hot zones to further protect your team.

  • Hierarchical access

    Different levels of access allow you to control who sees what and configure alerts depending on the level of access.

The Black Ghost web application can be securely cloud hosted or deployed on premise. Your data, your choice.


Use the eq02+ LifeMonitor or the EX eq02+ LifeMonitor to capture data in real time


Connect via BlueTooth or Wired to an Android device or your tactical radio. We have established integrations with many communications providers, please ask for details.


View real time or retrospective data across a number of devices with hierarchical access to the data

Black Ghost architecture

Which is right for me?

 Black Ghost TrackBlack Ghost Live
Collect offline sensor data
Export offline mission data
Include predicted algorithms in exported data
View eq02+ LifeMonitor data in eqMobile mobile app
Schedule live missions in advance
Realtime subject physiology data visualisation
Personalise thresholds and alerts on physiology data
Realtime subject location (GPS)
Custom map overlays
Geofence and hotzones with entry/exit alerts and tagging
Supports HIPAA compliance and GDPR compliant
Hierarchal access to data for authorised users
Physiology data trend charts
Cloud hosted or on premise deployment
Environmental data
CTE calculation and visibility

See how Black Ghost has made a difference to the US National Guard Bureau

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Capture real-time and retrospective physiological data with our clinical-grade sensors. Offering multi-parameter monitoring including high resolution ECG, respiration, tri axis accelerometry and temperature.

Get back to work with the eqWave social distancing device. With configurable distances and secure contact tracing capabilities your team has the peace of mind to operate effectively while adhering to workplace social distancing guidelines.

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