Developed over years of rigorous research and innovation, our cutting-edge products allow you to make smart decisions based on accurate and reliable mobile physiological data captured in the most challenging environments.

Mitigate risk, monitor your team, protect lives
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Analyse high-quality data from unlimited subjects and locations
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From the edge of space to the heart of a war zone

Our clinical-grade technology helps you push the boundaries of human understanding and keep people safe

Smart decisions

Clinical-grade wearable technology that provides valuable biometric insights and rich data to help you make better-informed decisions, keep people safe – and make a difference.

FDA and ATEX certified

Tested and trusted by thousands of users across the globe, our vital sign monitors are the only ATEX-cleared and FDA-approved products on the market.

Secure and accurate

The leading solution for accurate, real-time biometric data capture, smart data management, analysis tools, and secure data storage.

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Health and safety

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Clinical research

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Make better decisions. Keep people safe. Make a difference.