7 August 2023

Black Ghost 6.5 offers you even more enhancements to help keep your teams safe from heat strain.

We continually work with clients to enhance the Black Ghost system to make it the best that it can be. The latest release offers some crucial enhancements that will help operational and on-the-ground teams that work in hot and humid conditions.

Whether working as an industrial worker, a first responder or on military training exercise, you and your teams can benefit from sophisticated monitoring for heat strain in an easy-to-deploy solution.

Some of the key benefits for this release are:

  • Rapidly assign subjects to the eq02+ LifeMonitor unit making it easy to set up.
  • Set up haptic and audio alerts for sustained heart rate, recovery heart rate and core temperature on the eqView mobile applicaiton. This helps empower your team to work and rest within ACGIH recommended limits without intervention.
  • Export sustained vital signs data to enhance your organization’s standard operating procedures with improved work rest cycles in accordance with ACGIH guidelines.

To find out more about how Black Ghost can help you make a difference to your teams, please contact us.

North and South American sales: [email protected]

Rest of World sales: [email protected]

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