CBRN workers for heat stress

CBRN workers are a prime target for suffering from heat-related injuries or heat stress. Due to wearing heavy and encapsulated personal protective equipment and working in extreme, high pressure environments.  A worker may become disorientated, unaware they are suffering from heat stress or not wanting to admit it, and by that point the heat stress related morbidity can become more serious.  This can cause the need for increased recovery time or even hospitalisation.

By utilising physiological monitoring systems, like Black Ghost, commanders and supervisors can step in early, ensuring the worker takes on sufficient fluids and has sufficient recovery time before heading back to work.  Wearable monitoring equipment also ensures a high duty of care for the team, meaning they feel more protected and it can reduce the pressure of decision making with objective evidence available.

Equivital’s flagship LifeMonitor is a body worn sensor which measures ECG, heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, activity and body position, and connects with external sensors to store and transmit the data.

As part of the Equivital Black Ghost system the LifeMonitor can provide objective data in real time to assist with ensuring safety of personnel and efficient duty cycling as well as providing the information to carry out after action reviews.