29 January 2023

eCelsuis core temperature capsules receives independant assessment

A well-known and popular method to assess the core temperature is the use of ingested core temperature capsules. The recent assessment of the validity of the latest model of eCelsuis core temperature monitoring capsules has shown positive, and improved results for assessors.

The eCelsuis capsules were used in conjunction with the eq02+ LifeMonitor that can also capture multiple parameters from the user, including heart rate and respiration rate.

The conclusion of the research states: “We found that the new capsule version outperforms manufacturer guarantees, with half of the systematic bias observed in a validation study of the previous capsule version. Though these capsules tend to slightly underestimate temperature, we find they possess excellent validity and reliability between 35 °C and 42 °C.”

Take a look at the results of the study today and let us know how we can help with your core temperature monitoring needs.

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