19 July 2016

Equivital announces new partner, ADInstruments, for worldwide distribution of Equivital LifeMonitor with LabChart

Equivital™ today announced a new partner, ADInstruments, for the worldwide distribution of the market leading Equivital LifeMonitor, an FDA and CE cleared body worn sensor that measures multiple physiological parameters from a single device.  As a combined solution with the ADInstruments LabChart data acquisition and analysis software, it offers researchers a powerful solution for real time wireless physiological monitoring and analysis.

From sports and exercise research to sleep studies, the combined system allows a wide range of physiological data to be captured and analysed. The Equivital LifeMonitor can record two channels of ECG, respiratory rate, movement/activity and skin temperature. When used with ancillary devices, additional parameters such as core body temperature (recorded by an ingestible pill), oxygen saturation and galvanic skin response can also be recorded and measured. The information can be logged on the internal 8GB memory and sent wirelessly to LabChart for analysis.

Dr Joe Simonetta, Head of Strategic Partnerships at ADInstruments, said `We are delighted to partner with Equivital, who are market leaders in wireless physiological monitoring, whilst we enable detailed performance analysis for the training and research industries.`

Dr Joe Simonetta

Anmol Sood, CEO of Equivital commented:”Whilst Equivital is increasingly providing health, heat stress and performance monitoring solutions for the military, first responders and clinical trials, it is imperative that we ensure our best in class products continue to reach world class researchers across the globe. The Equivital LifeMonitor and LabChart analysis system offers training and research users the perfect tools for capturing and presenting clinical grade physiological data.”

Anmol Sood, CEO Equivital

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