19 August 2016

Equivital Black Ghost system selected for the UK National Ambulance Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART)

The Equivital Black Ghost system, the leading real time mobile human heat stress, safety & performance monitoring solution for hazardous environments has been selected for inclusion in the national Ambulance HART Incident Ground Technology framework.

Equivital have partnered with Excelerate, for this framework, such that Equivital’s Black Ghost system will be directly integrated with Excelerate’s next generation incident management solution for HART.

Each Hazardous Area Response Team is comprised of specially recruited and trained personnel who provide the ambulance response to particularly hazardous or challenging incidents, and in some cases where there is a mass casualty incident.  This includes incidents that involve CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) or hazardous materials.  The job of the HART is to triage and treat casualties and to help save lives in very difficult circumstances.

Equivital are pleased that the Black Ghost system is seen as a vital component of the overall solution stressing the importance of personnel health and safety and duty of care to the national Ambulance HART.  The Equivital Black Ghost system will enable real time visualisation of personnel physiology, location, activity, trends and heat risk indices. 

David Savage, CEO and chairman of Excelerate commented: “The next generation solution that we are delivering for HART will provide teams on the ground with a resilient communications infrastructure to support their use of the Equivital Black Ghost system. We are pleased to be integrating this market leading system that will enhance the safety of HART teams operating in difficult environments.”r

David Savage, CEO and chairman of Excelerate

Anmol Sood, CEO of Equivital commented: ‘It is a significant milestone that the national Ambulance HART recognise the importance of monitoring the safety of their personnel in real time during training and operational missions.  This will be a first of its kind deployment in the UK and will set the standard for monitoring of people working with CBRN and other hazardous materials as well as other first responders working in challenging environments.”

Anmol Sood, CEO of Equivital

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