23 May 2024

Equivital Partners with ADInstruments to Revolutionise Physiological Monitoring in Research

Equivital, a pioneer in wearable physiological monitoring solutions, is excited to announce their partnership with ADInstruments, a globally renowned leader in data acquisition and analysis systems for the life sciences industry. This collaboration aims to elevate the standard of physiological data provision and analysis in research settings worldwide.

At the core of this partnership lies the integration of Equivital’s TnR range of products into ADInstruments’ LabChart software, empowering researchers with unparalleled insights into human physiology. Moving forward, all of Equivital’s research customers outside of the UK, Europe, United States and Canda will work directly with ADInstruments to fulfil all Equivital hardware and software requirements.

This strategic distribution agreement encompasses key sectors, including:

Academic Market: Catering to both research and educational institutions, the partnership facilitates access to cutting-edge physiological monitoring technology, fostering innovation and discovery in academic settings.

Sports Performance Market: From elite athletes to commercial fitness and sports centres, Equivital and ADInstruments offer comprehensive solutions for optimising performance, enhancing training protocols, and maximising athletic potential.

Human Factors Testing: By integrating physiological data with human factors testing, researchers gain invaluable insights into human behaviour, cognitive function, and performance under various conditions, driving advancements in human-centered design and safety.

Neuro-marketing: Leveraging physiological metrics for neuro-marketing applications enables marketers to better understand consumer behaviour, preferences, and emotional responses, ultimately informing more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Ekta Sood, Chief Product Officer at Equivital, stated, “We are thrilled to join forces with ADInstruments to deliver innovative solutions that empower researchers across diverse fields. By combining Equivital’s state-of-the-art wearable technology with ADInstruments’ expertise in data analysis, we are poised to revolutionise physiological monitoring and advance scientific discovery.”

“We’re very excited to strengthen our relationship with Equivital through the exclusive distribution of their LifeMonitor to research scientists in territories where our network and collaboration with scientists is already very strong. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Equivital (Hidalgo), and making science easier for researchers throughout the world.” Brandon Bucher, Head of Research, ADInstruments

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