25 January 2022

Equivital presents the eq02+ LifeMonitor Technology in Mons for the Rescue Zone Hainaut Center

Colonel Rudi Milhomme and the firefighters of the Zone de Secours Hainaut Center warmly welcomed us to Mons on December 21, 2021 for a presentation of our mobile monitoring solution, as part of a large-scale exercise.

To find out more about the Equivital technology, representatives from SDIS 59, SDIS 62 and their SSSMs came to join us. This gave rise to friendly and constructive exchanges between Belgian and French firefighters, with mainly the development of health support at the heart of the discussions.

During the day, four fires were triggered in a building destined for destruction. During one fire, the vital parameters, level of heat stress, mobility and the geolocation of six firefighters working at height and in the heart of the blaze, could be viewed in real time from the command post. This data, was collected for 1h15 continuously, and could then be analyzed and commented on retrospectively by all the participants.

Take a look at the video to find out more about the event.


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