19 April 2024

Equivital’s participation in NRBCE inter-service manoeuvres for the Northern Defense Zone

On Monday April 8, 2024, inter-service manoeuvres in the Northern Defense Zone took place in Lille, within the Pierre Mauroy stadium, involving firefighters, SAMU, police, Gendarmerie, and Protection Civile.

An NRBCE attack was simulated in order to allow the different units participating to perfect their coordination in the face of this type of event, particularly feared in the run-up to the Olympic Games.

The SDIS 59 firefighters were able to use Equivital technology to collect remotely and in real time the physiological data of each of the members of the SSSM who intervened to rescue the victims, which ensured their safety and allowed optimal management of the work-rest cycle.

All of this medical data was also analyzed retrospectively in order to determine when the responders’ bodies were particularly solicited.

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