Heart rate and accelerometer

The Equivital LifeMonitor measures clinical grade ECG from 2 leads on the chest and accelerometry data from a tri axis accelerometer.  Both ECG and accelerometer data are available as raw waveform outputs as well as 5 or 15 second heart rate data or beat by beat (inter beat interval) data.

The Equivital LifeMonitor can also record activity data, body position and also alert when there is a fall.  This data can be stored on the device as well as being transmitted in real time for live view and analysis.

Activity data can be analysed using the Equivital Activity module which provides measures such as steps, levels of activity and energy expenditure.  Raw ECG and Accelerometer data can also be exported to other tools for comprehensive analysis.

The Equivital LifeMonitor is unique in having combined clinical grade ECG, heart rate, breathing rate and accelerometer data available, time stamped, for use in applications where accuracy is important.