Heart rate and breathing rate monitor

The Equivital LifeMonitor measures ambulatory heart rate and breathing rate, which can be stored on its board memory for later download or transmitted in real-time to be viewed and analysed.

The heart rate is available every 5 seconds, 15 seconds or even beat by beat. Alongside this, the raw ECG waveform sampled at 256Hz is also stored and can be transmitted. Two leads of ECG is used to calculate heart rate and reduce noise, resulting in more accurate heart rate data during high activity. Unlike other heart rate monitors that simply measure the pulse, the LifeMonitor measures and stores the whole QRS complex which allows more detailed analysis.

Similar to the ECG and heart rate data, the Equivital LifeMonitor measures and stores a breathing waveform from which an accurate mobile breathing rate is provided. This allows analysis of breathing trends in active individuals which has until now been very difficult to achieve.

As a heart rate and breathing rate monitor for use in mobile people, the LifeMonitor is used by many acclaimed researchers and experienced teams around the world as the gold standard device for critical data collection. The Equivital LifeMonitor has FDA 510K and medical CE clearance and therefore has gone through rigorous technical and regulatory testing both in house and in external laboratories to ensure the most reliable data is made available for users.