Heat stress monitoring

Heat stress is a serious risk factor for immediate injury or long-term health problems, putting first responders and soldiers in danger during training or in action. Elevated core body temperature can affect cognitive ability and therefore normal decision making processes.

The Equivital LifeMonitor measures core temperature using an ancillary ingestible core temperature capsule that is swallowed. The capsule contains a miniature radio that transmits the temperature reading pseudo randomly every 15 seconds, received by the LifeMonitor sensor electronics module. This data is stored locally, time stamped with all other measured data. The precision of this temperature is 0.01o C.

In addition when the LifeMonitor is used as part of the Equivital Black Ghost system a core temperature estimation algorithm can be used instead of the pill.  This allows trainers, supervisors, commanders and medics to use core temperature information along with the current heat strain index level to make more objective decisions on resource management.  The heat strain index has levels from 1 to 12 and has 2 main measures; the current heat strain index level and the heat strain level predicted in 15 minutes (Current HSI and Predicted HSI in 15 minutes.)

The data, when viewed real time, allows supervisors to step in when a temperature threshold is reached to enable the user to rehydrate and/or move to a cooler environment. Not only does the Equivital system provide an accurate core body temperature, it also has functionality that predicts 15 minutes in advance, the body temperature should that subject continue on at the same rate of work. This information could be vital in preventing heat stress injuries in military units or fire responder teams.