Human performance

Every sports person wants to be a winner in their particular event, gaining the desired edge and raising the standard of their achievements continuously.

One athlete being a winner and another coming second can be decided on millisecond differences in performance.  Looking deeper than the grit and determination of the competitor requires reliable, unobtrusive technology that can measure, holistically, human body performance

Equivital products provide unparalleled human performance monitoring for the team, the professional and the dedicated amateur.  Monitoring can take place during competition or normal training, without, in most cases, affecting performance.

Our products enable the individual and the team to measure core physiology with context due to the multisystem nature of the data.

Our patented fabric-based sensor products are lightweight, comfortable to wear and can be incorporated into sports clothing or another form factor where this is a requirement.

They also include a wireless interface and intelligent software for transmitting data to a PC, Smartphone or web portal in real-time, allowing a coach or physiologist to analyse transmitted data in real time or retrospectively.

Equivital products can also be integrated seamlessly with other third-party systems, enabling people who already use applications, across the globe, to benefit from our mobile human monitoring products within an environment they are familiar with.