Mobile physiological monitoring

Mobile physiological monitoring is becoming widespread in both clinical and non-traditional monitoring applications such as lone worker welfare monitoring, soldier training and hazardous area emergency first response.  In these applications it is essential that high data quality is available from individuals and teams as they carry out their day to day activities which can be extreme.

Equivital’s flagship eq02+ LifeMonitor is a body worn mobile physiological monitoring sensor which measures ECG, heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, activity and body position, and connects with external sensors to time synchronise, store and transmit their data.

The LifeMonitor measures ambulatory heart rate, available to view every 5 seconds, 15 seconds or on a beat by beat basis, which can be stored on its board memory for later download or transmitted in real-time to be viewed and analysed. Two leads of ECG is used to calculate heart rate and reduce noise, resulting in more accurate heart rate data during high activity. Unlike other heart rate monitors that simply measure the pulse, the LifeMonitor measures and stores the whole QRS complex which allows more detailed analysis.

Similar to the ECG and heart rate data, the Equivital LifeMonitor measures and stores a breathing waveform from which an accurate mobile breathing rate is provided. This allows analysis of breathing trends in active individuals which has until now been very difficult to achieve.

The system can be paired with core temperature capsules, galvanic skin response sensors, oxygen saturation probes and dermal temperature patches for a holistic view of a user’s vitals.

The Equivital LifeMonitor has FDA 510K clearance and is CE marked. Equivital also offers an EX version of the eq02+ LifeMonitor which is suitable for use in highly explosive environments.