17 July 2022

The Connected Worker – Black Ghost 6.3 offers even more protection

Heat stress in industrial settings is becoming more and more prevalent. We have been working with a number of Industrial Hygienists as well as industrial bodies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to understand how organisations can proactively reduce the impact of heat exposure on their teams.

As a result, we have made some key enhancements to our flagship heat and physiological monitoring solution, Black Ghost.

WBGT Sensor Integration and tracking work type, clothing and environmental data

Heat in a workplace is influenced by various factors, including the clothing, job type, location and environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, Heat Index, wind speed) of a worker. Black Ghost now includes the ability to track this data for workers at risk, making individual data even more powerful and decision making even more effective. Our integration with the 5400 Kestral WBGT monitor means data is centralised quicker, available for work rest cycle calculation and retrospective reporting.

The release allows you to filter your subjects by location in Black Ghost Live, which allows for easier tracking when on missions.

Job types, job location and clothing types can be configured by each organisation making your data unique to you and more relevant for analysis.

Improved CTE calculation and visibility

Medics can enter externally measured core temperature at the beginning of an exercise, which is stored and used as input to the core temperature estimate algorithm (CTE). This enables core temperature estimates to be even more accurate for the earlier part of the mission. CTE is now available to view as a metric in live view for on-the-job alerts, offering real time safety to your workers.

Generate post-mission analytics at the click of a button

Operational teams now have the ability to generate heat risk reports for the day, showing core temperature, HSI, heart rate over time, as well as insights on when, how often and how long thresholds were breached.

Best-in-class security

We now support a flexible multifactor authentication capability and provide enhanced logging features for organisations requiring security data for Infosec.

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