15 February 2023

Why have 9 belts when you can have 4?

Introducing the new B5 and B6 belts from Equivital

We’re excited to announce that we have  launched a new and improved Equivital eq02+ LifeMonitor belt with just 4 sizes…but still covering the same ranges as the previous 9 belts.

We know this is something that many of you have asked for in the past. This release means you can buy more belts that will fit more of your users, so you’re never caught short.
With the same excellent data quality, but improved comfort, your wearers will want to wear the new belts for longer than ever.
The new belts will also last longer, for no additional cost.  

Don’t worry if you have the current belts in stock, they will still work, it just means that the next time you stock up, it will be with the new sizes.

You’ll simply need a new sizing guide to help you choose between small, medium, large and extra large for your subjects.

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