19 February 2015

Equivital heart rate monitoring technology core part of innovative ITV game show, 1000 Heartbeats, presented by Vernon Kay

Equivital is working with Television production company Hungry Bear Media to deliver the core technology powering a new ITV game show, 1000 Heartbeats. 

Where it is usual for a game show to drive adrenaline levels higher, the contestants of 1000 Heartbeats have to control their excitement and stress to ensure they keep they heart rate as low as possible.  The clock is 1000 of the contestant’s own heart beats.  The lower their heart rate the more time they have to answer questions and win money.

Each contestant is fitted with an Equivital LifeMonitor.  Although the LifeMonitor measures ECG, breathing rate, temperature and activity, for this show heart rate is the important parameter.  Data is transmitted live to countdown the beats accurately and display the count to the audience, contestant and live studio orchestra.  The higher the heart rate the faster the live music will play adding to the contestant’s stress.

Hungry Bear Media approached Equivital as a leading global brand for Wearable physiological monitoring technology.

Equivital CEO Anmol Sood commented “The Equivital team are proud to be associated with this new British Game Show.  The idea of controlling stress levels and self monitoring as a part of managing health and wellbeing are gaining momentum globally.  1000 Heartbeats helps to promote this idea in a simple and innovative way.”

Anmol Sood, CEO Equivital

The first episode aired on 23rd February and will show daily on ITV at 4pm.

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