30 November 2021

Equivital publishes bibliography of research papers

In the first of its kind, Equivital has published a comprehensive list of studies that have used the eq02+ LifeMonitor in their research to capture vital sign data. Divided into a number of categories, the bibliography provides a snapshot of information for readers to showcase the research that the technology has contributed to.

The bibliography spans over 10 years and shows the diversity of the wearable technology. It’s been used to capture the vital signs on animals, in sleep research and in studies that assess thermoregulatory factors, including those for first responders and military personnel, just to name a few.

Dr Ekta Sood, Chief Product Officer for Equivital says: “Research and validation is key to what we do and this bibliography shows the depth and range of the ways in which the technology has helped the research community. We’re proud of the sheer number of institutions, research organisations and researchers that have used, and continue to use, our technology to further enhance the research that they are doing.”

Readers are able to visit the applicable publication straight from the bibliography should they want to download the paper to read it in full. 

Visit the bibliography today to find out more.

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